sting mode
what is sting mode?
setup sting mode
use sting mode
create tasks
start tasks
delete tasks
delete submitted tasks
entry modes
what are entry modes
manual mode
delayed mode
idle mode
human mode
what is a profile?
create a profile
modify a profile
delete a profile
add proxies
test proxies
delete proxies
delete failed proxies
mass entry options
use profiles on tasks
use sizes efficently
captcha modes
email types
proxy types
create a catchall
Here you can find all of our guides and quick start help. To get started, select one of the help guides on the left. We update these guides as frequently as possible. The main aim of these guides and our software is to help you enter and win raffles as easilly as possible. We are constantly updating our software to help you have the best chances and smoothest experience of entering and winning raffles. We do not guarantee you win the raffles that you enter, however provide a greater chance. Our software is built around automating entering raffles but we also provide help for manual users who may not use our software via our section. If you have any questions about our software feel free to contact us via twitter or feel free to use discord to contact us directly!

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